Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's Hip To Be Square

We just got some Kollage square needles in the shop and I am totally excited about them!

Image from KollageYarns.com

One of our customers came in a couple months ago and showed them to us. I played around with them for a couple minutes and decided to go out and get a set and give them a try. Much to my surprise and delight, I love them! I knit a lot. And by a lot, it is more like A LOT. Between writing patterns, helping out at the shop, just finishing writing my first knitting book, and trying to get projects in for me, I knit upwards of 10+ hours a day. I was a little worried earlier this year as I was finishing writing my book because my hands and wrists were in serious pain. I grabbed a pair of those stress relief gloves we carry (which I call knitting superhero gloves since they are BRIGHT blue), which helped to some extent.

So, when I saw the claim that these square needles were easier on your hands, I thought it was worth a try. Sure enough, they really work amazingly well. I have no more hand/wrist pain when I work with them (I still do with normal round needles) and I agree my stitches look more uniform. In other words, I love them, and I am delighted they are in the shop for others to try as well.

If you are like me and have hand/wrist pain from knitting, I encourage you to stop in and give a set a try. I think you will be pleasantly surprised how nice they are!

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